“ Customers who have adopted a good support strategy have benefited
from a larger value unlocked from their SAP Investment ”

Aligning Your SAP Investment Operations and Integrations with Strategic Goals

iMarks SAP Maintenance and Support program (iSMS) has been a strategic enabler for many Mid – Large segment companies who are looking for a progressive – reliable – cost effective and deeply engaging Support and Maintenance strategy / partnership that enables them to achieve:

How do we achieve this?

  • Continuous improvement in adoption and usage of their SAP Systems
  • Better Operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Better system availability
  • Quick turnaround to Changes in Business structure and systems
  • Better focus on Business rather than IT management
  • Optimise IT & SAP resource spend.
  • Reduce Capex on Non-Contributing Development Environment
  • Access to high Quality SAP team members any time post Implementation

iMark’s Value Proposition for Maintenance & Support (iSMS)

Technical Maintenance & Support

  • Basis Administration (Level 1/2/3)
  • Performance Monitoring and Tuning of Networks, Servers, Applications, Operating Systems & Databases
  • System Assessment and EWA Reporting
  • Tracking of Logs/Issues
  • Add System Installations, Updates & Patching
  • Client Copy
  • Backup Monitoring & Management
  • User Access & Authorization Management
  • Manage Integrations & Interfaces
  • Change Transport Requests
  • Technology Advisory Support
  • Interoperability & Virtualization Management
  • System Restore & Disaster Recovery

Business Functional Report

  • Additional Configuration & Support
  • Enhancements & Developments
  • Manging Standardized and Customized Code
  • Period End Support (Monthly/Yearly)
  • Process Advisory & Remote Training
  • Managing Changes to Existing Reports & Creating New Reports.
  • Error Handling : Cause & Remedial
  • Managing Taxation & Regulatory Changes
  • Master Data Management
  • End-User Hand-Holding and Supporting General Queries
  • Staff Augmentation