The manufacturing industry is riding a wave of unprecedented change driven by evolving customer expectation and rapid technology advancements.

While customer demand more personalization, competitive pricing and rapid innovation in new technologies such as Automation, 3D printing and IoT enabled sensors are transforming the shop floor.

To succeed and thrive in this environment, manufacturers will have to focus on the end-user experience, rather than just their immediate customers. They will need to take greater control and ownership of their entire value chain.

Benefits offered by SAP for
the Manufacturing Industry

  • Maintaining integrity over work data.
  • Processing payroll end to end.
  • Maintaining quality control audits, checklists and standard operating procedures.
  • Gaining and retaining quality talent through governance, support and assessment against Best-Practice Benchmark

SAP for the Manufacturing Industry

The SAP manufacturing module offers a holistic solution that integrates and streamlines all aspects of the value
chain – Right from R&D to production planning, manufacturing, design and execution to shop floor, logistics, and service. It provides an agile and integrated solution, with document management and reporting capabilities needed for decision making from mid-sized enterprises to large corporations


  • It simplifies operations by redesigning data structures and reducing the number of systems and interfaces.
  • It integrates planning with ERP, and ERP with the shop floor in the core SAP platform, and brings in a comprehensive ATP functionality that supports better backorder management, faster release of shipments and higher order fulfillment rates.


  • It facilitates integrated management of manufacturing and shop floor operations and automated data collection that enhances accuracy.
  • It has automatic defect tracking and resolution capability, which minimizes errors and optimizes manufacturing processes.
  • Additionally, SAP can also incorporate AI capabilities that would facilitate continuous learning and optimization.


  • It acquires data from discrete manufacturing systems and blends it with the SAP manufacturing software.
  • It offers a single source of truth across all functions, providing integrated visibility and transparency across all plants and operations. This enables end to end analysis in near real-time and enhanced process monitoring, which in turn supports faster decision making.
  • SAP also incorporates industry best practices and standards for benchmarking.


  • It streamlines the entire life cycle - from planning to scheduling, sequencing and analysis. This helps the organization to react faster to demand fluctuation, predict operational issues and enhance manufacturing performance.
  • It enables live inventory management and meterial flow analysis, that helps avoid stock out situations and maximize productivity and manufacturing throughput.
  • It also supports mass customization by modifying products to match individual needs .