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The Food & Beverages Industry is seeing tremendous growth, with a surge in the demand for food products as well as an exponential increase in the consumer pool. However, on the other hand, the industry is also challenged with changing consumer preferences and demand patterns meaning shorter product lifecycles, increase in the demand for variety and innovation, increased accessibility, low profit margins, need for batch traceability and stringent regulatory standards.

Companies are thus looking for a solution that focuses on delivering visibility and control across the industry value chain, driving efficiency in procuring, producing, managing stock and selling and distribution across the supply chain, while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, while optimizing pricing and waste management – all through real-time insights into the businesses entire value chain.

Benefits offered by SAP for
the Food & Beverage Industry

  • Enhanced visibility towards sales activities due to constant monitoring of supply chain from vendor to distributor
  • Automated monitoring from production to packaging along with delivery and stock.
  • Ensuring quality compliance standards are met as per government rules and regulations– from procurement to production and packaging to sales and distribution, expediting the audit processes.
  • Lets you track by-products, co-products as well as yields to generate minimum wastage and minimize losses.
  • Constantly tracks and Reports financial statements and transactions both monthly and annually

SAP for the Food & Beverage Industry


  • Integrates R&D, new product development and manufacturing with core business functions such as Inventory Management, Quality Management, Sales and Distribution, and Financial Management, bringing real-time visibility into business operations through reporting and analytics.
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility facilitates efficient order fulfilment, instant identification of material shortages, real-time purchase requisitioning, inventory efficiency, and faster time-to-market. Enables margin calculation at item, order and batch levels.


  • The solution supports specialized production planning and scheduling processes through MRP, Material execution and maintenance, ensuring situations of material unavailability/shortages during production are avoided, wastages are managed and reduced, and finished products are produced as per market demand
  • Enables the transition from traditional sales order, inventory and dispatch management to an integrated end-to-end supply chain planning and execution system with online order confirmation, real-time purchase requisitioning and production, minimized inventory stock, streamlined warehousing, outbound delivery, transport planning, dispatch, and in-transit tracking.


  • Food & Beverage companies today encounter many audit scenarios which include customer, regulatory, supplier and internal audits. The solution expedites the audit process required in this industry and enables companies to meet international standards.
  • Provides a framework for strict quality control through the production cycle, meeting regional as well as global standards and reducing the risk of errors and substandard products.
  • Offers full batch control, batch and serial retesting, and two-way batch traceability.


  • Companies can utilize cloud-based technology to record and transmit consumer data in real-time with all concerned, which would help refine and optimize all functions, including product delivery and customizations
  • It can also allow organizations to divide retail customers and consumers, also providing an optimized buying experience for each segment with optimal price points and inventory fulfilment cycles, product variations, personalization, etc.