The Cooking / Edible Oil industry is a cusp of 2 Major Industry Segments. Oil Refining Industry in the Procurement and Production side and FMCG on the Sales & Marketing side. Oil Refining is characterised by extensive logistics planning and Global (Crude) trading on the procurement front with an extensive focus on plant operations and management on the production front with quality assurance a key requisite.

The Sales & Marketing side is similar to any highly competitive FMCG business. Product companies are challenged by fast-paced competition and constantly changing consumer buying patterns and new selling strategies. Add to that the volatility of costs – from raw material to labour, logistics and transportation, and profit margins are tightening like never before. The new paradigm for success in the consumer goods industry is speed, innovation, and agility.

Thus, companies are looking for a solution that provides the digital foundation for business transformation – with Production and Supply Chain Best Practices which facilitates automated monitoring and financial integration of raw material procurement, consumption, production and brings agility and flexibility in managing product lines, while catering to various capacity/volume requirements of customers and efficiently supplying them through the right distribution channels.

Benefits offered by SAP for
the Edible Oil Industry

  • Integration of all core modules modules providing an End-to-End solution for the Edible Oil Industry.
  • Manages all types of production models like make-to-order, make-to-stock etc.
  • Enables complete management and evaluation of inventory
  • Ensures quality and compliance assurance
  • Improves supply chain management
  • Reduces operational costs while increasing operational efficiency

SAP for the Edible Oil Industry


  • Simplifies operations by redesigning data structures and reducing the number of systems and interfaces.
  • Integrates planning with ERP, and ERP with the shop floor in the core SAP platform, and brings in a comprehensive ATP functionality that supports better backorder management, faster release of shipments and higher order fulfilment rates


  • Integrated sales order processing provides total visibility of cost drivers at every stage. Digital control enables continuous monitoring, optimized planning, and efficient operations, leading to reduced cost of sales and service.
  • Access to accurate data and process transparency from shop floor to top floor enables better and faster decision making.
  • Provides an efficient process to manage waste (scrap material) for reuse or disposal.
  • It offers a single source of truth across all functions, providing integrated visibility and transparency across all plants and operations. This enables end to end analysis in near real-time and enhanced process monitoring, which in turn supports faster decision making.


  • Connects manufacturing sites in different locations to ensure uniformity in systems for planning, procurement and production, and benefit from economies of scale leading to procurement savings.
  • Connects all stakeholders and partners, including clients and suppliers on a single platform. Real-time information transparency ensures better resource planning, quick turnarounds, and reduced inventory costs.


  • It streamlines the entire life cycle – from planning to scheduling, sequencing to execution and analysis. This helps the organization to react faster to demand fluctuations, predict operational issues and enhance manufacturing performance.
  • It enables live inventory management and material flow analysis, that helps avoid stock out situations and maximize productivity and manufacturing.
  • It Enables companies to streamline sales and marketing efforts across all channels, distributors and retail chains, help them understand factors affecting consumer sales, revenues and profitability, and spot new opportunities faster.