The real estate industry has witnessed a tremendous change in recent years, primarily due to rapid economic, demographic, social changes, and technological advancements. Real estate companies are witnessing an increasing need to streamline operations & deliver better client experiences, while managing the challenges of economic uncertainties, labor shortages, escalating costs and create an environment that attracts, engages and retains high performing employees.

Real Estate companies are thus looking for a consolidated solution for Real Estate Management that integrates, automates, and unifies property-related data, business processing, and reporting. The solution utilizes industry best practices to address capacity management requirements, thus optimize on both cost and risk.


Contract and Lease Management

  • Enables management of periodical billing/payments as per contractual terms, maintaining conditions and calculations to fulfill them
  • Seamlessly integrates contract management with associated SAP modules such as Finance, Management Accounting, Project
  • Systems, and Plant Maintenance
  • Manages apportionment and facility management costs incurred to tenants
  • Manages key contractual agreements of lease management, such as renewals, occupancy management, and contract date management.
  • Reporting available for all contracts and financial data, covering transactions from the contract start date, to using contract terms and occupancy to forecast returns from each rentable object.

Location Management

  • Links structural data to employee profiles, utility meters to measuring points, and equipment to plant maintenance. Structural data can also be linked to its associated transactional data.
  • Enables a digital representation of a building portfolio and its associated data, represented from a global level, down to building and room level
  • Brings ease to auditing through the valuation and recognition of leases on the balance sheet in accordance with IFRS 16 and US GAAP
  • Seamless integration with contract & lease management to enable automated billing, management of service charges, billing of utilities, and management of maintenance cost

SAP for Real Estate Management


  • Brings together all types of real estate objects, viz., business entities, buildings, land, rental units, etc. in a single master database.
  • Enables central management of all contracts of the real estate portfolio, including lease in, lease out, vendor, and customer contracts.
  • Integrates asset management postings and reports; real estate controlling; and planning and controlling of new building developments, maintenance, and modernization projects
  • Provides a credit-side view of lease-in processes to control cash flow to landlords and organize expense posting


  • Provides for the creation and management of all types of real estate objects, including business entities, land, buildings, rental units, rental space, and rental room objects
  • Centrally manages all business processes and financial transactions including cash flow, assets and expense posting, purchase order processing, etc.
  • Provides for planning and controlling of existing and new real estate, maintenance commitments, modernization projects, etc.
  • Enables assignment of any number of rental objects from different business entities, buildings, or company codes to anyone contract
  • Enables management of purchase order processing and commitments for real estate maintenance


  • Optimizes space utilization by accounting for special characteristics, unusual structures, usage considerations, technology amenities, etc.
  • Provides a framework to define spaces flexibly, meet client expectations, and maximize rent potential by extracting criteria specific rental spaces from larger space units.


  • Provides a dual view of master data – architectural view as well as usage view.
  • Integrates with external graphic applications to visualize the real estate objects as well as spaces within them.